Losing your Love Handles: How to Do It?

Losing your Love Handles

Do you know that losing your love handles is one of the biggest life issues that teenagers and young professional are experiencing today?

You might be wondering what it has been months since you started doing exercise, but it seems your love handles don’t get smaller. You may feel disappointed that will result in going back to eating a lot and accept the fact that you will be fat forever.

Do you know that there are right ways on losing your Love Handles? Setting the right mindset and discipline is the process that will make you succeed in getting your high self-confidence.


Principles to losing your Love Handles

There are three critical principles you should remember and make it a lifestyle to get rid of those Love Handles. Let go of your Love Handles through the use of FAT:

  1. F- Functional Exercise
  2. A- Avoid unhealthy food
  3. T- Time Management

Easy to say but challenging to do. Allow me to dig deep and how to do FAT:

How losing your Love Handles be done?

Losing your Love Handles

F-Functional Exercise

You may be spending at least three hours a day and seven days a week in the gym breaking bones in the treadmill and sweating hard to remove those belly fats. Hence, after a week or months of doing this routine, your weight has moved down a little, or worse it stuck to a certain number.

As a result, you get frustrated, dismayed and sometimes depressed that would result in getting back to the old life and become plump again. The cardio and all running and crunches are right, and I encourage you to continue.

Functional exercises to help remove your Love Handles:

  • Forty counts of Woodchopper exercise (20 on each side). With one hand weight, stand with your feet hip-width apart and put your pressure on your left leg. Then, hold the pressure in both hands up by your left shoulder. Next, make a twist of your body to make a chopping motion towards your right hip. Lastly, make your feet and knees to pivot with a twist.
  • Fifty counts of Russian twist exercise. With your butt and knees bent and feet flat on the ground, make your torso lean back at 45 degrees to the floor. Then, hold the dumbbell (or even bottle of water) in both hands. Finally, lift your feet from the ground, then cross them at ankles, balance with your butt, twist back over the left touching the weight to the left side of your body.
  • Thirty counts of Bicycle crunches. You lie your back with knees bent and your hands behind your head. Then, make sure the feel of your abs, lift your shoulders and upper end off of the ground while you move your right elbow towards your left knee in the middle of your body and switch these positions as quickly as possible.

A-Avoid unhealthy foods for losing your love handles

When stress happens because of work, the easiest way to find comfort is with food. As stress level is on the rise, your body will crave for more food. Moreover, the most comfortable food to eat is those greasy, processed and high in sugar foods.

In addition, avoid eating refined grains, high sugar, and foods with high saturated fats. Hence, these foods can contribute to increasing your visceral fat that makes up your Love Handles. Consequently, cut out eating white bread, pasta, soda, baked treats, snack mixes, chips, candy, and syrups.

Also, avoid eating full-fat dairy, fatty cuts of meat like brisket or full-fat milk as these are sources of saturated fat and will accumulate and form your belly fat.

Top foods that you start eating to melt down your Love Handles:

  • Oat Bran- Never miss eating your breakfast just because you want to lose weight. Truly, breakfast is the most important meal. Start your day with oat bran with the whopping 18 grams of fiber and 20 grams of protein. Remember, do not add sugar or syrup. But, you may add low-fat milk and cinnamon for better taste.
  • Sweet Potatoes are slow carbs. Eating sweet potatoes will keep you feeling full and energized longer. Make this as your staple food. Indeed, the root crops have carotenoids, antioxidants that stabilize blood-sugar level and lower insulin resistance to prevent calories from being converted into saturated fat.
  • Dark Chocolate- Most of us treat chocolate as the best comfort food. Hence, you can substitute the sweetened milk chocolates with dark chocolates. The chocolate can lower blood sugar level. In addition, the microbes in your gut will ferment the chocolate into heart-friendly and anti-inflammatory compounds. You can pair this with fruits to speed up fermentation.
  • Canned light tuna is affordable with omega three fatty acids to turn off fat genes.
  • Drink white tea instead of wine and alcoholic beverages. In fact, white tea can boost lipolysis and block formation of fat cells. Tea can trigger the liver to speed up turning fat into energy.

T- Time Management

In the office, work-after-work could be piling at your desk that contributes to your stress. Some tips to consider:

  • Define your goal and focus. Determine the target results and outputs. However, not necessarily you do everything to achieve the goal. Do not hesitate to delegate tasks
  • Learn how to prioritize. Know what is essential and urgent and not urgent, urgent but not necessary and not necessary and not urgent.
  • Learn to say NO. Remember that you cannot do all the stuff in the office. Do what is only needed. And, never be ashamed and afraid to say NO if necessary.
  • Plan ahead. Make a detailed plan that includes target dates, deadlines, and outputs that will contribute to the overall result. Importantly, define the tasks and learn how to delegate and involve other people in the office.
  • Make time for yourself. Remember, you have an average of 8 hours to work in a day to do the tasks in the office. Therefore, avoid doing overtime work. Spend time with your family, friends or take a vacation (but do not forget to avoid unhealthy foods). More importantly, always include your time to exercise.


In everything, your mindset and determination to achieve a high level of confidence in yourself will lead to Losing your Love Handles.

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