How can I invest my money to better prepare for my future?

how to invest my money

Have you ever ask yourself this question: How can I invest my money?

Lately, I notice that many are becoming interested in putting their hard-earned money to various investment schemes giving promises of return. What is attractive to these investment schemes is that part of the contracts that investors are signing is the statement that “they have no right to file legal charges of their money will be gone.” Nevertheless, people are coming and putting their hard-earned money, believing that it is an investment to make their lives out of poverty.

You need to understand what is investing

  • It is an act of committing your money to endeavour to obtain an additional income or profit
  • It means working smarter and not harder
  • You need to make priorities for your money
  • It is money working for you
  • The goal of investing is putting your money to work in one or more investment vehicles to grow your money over time

how can i invest my money

5 ways on How Can I invest my money

1. Stock Market

Every time I tell anyone, and they hear about the “stock market,” they tend to feel intimidation. Most people thought that the stock market is only for people holding millions of money in their pocket. They felt that the stock market is a high-end business investment that only the economist and finance analyst could understand.

The truth is, it is not intimidating. You do not need to be a finance expert or an economics graduate to understand the playbook of the stock market.

I have an investment in the stock market through an online trading platform. Hence, the terminologies are intimidating at first glance. But, when you learn from those different tools and indicators you would realize that everything is simple and easy.

Not long ago, I started the stock investment at $95 (5,000 PHP). Today, I own a small portion of blue chips and preferred share companies in the Philippines. Consequently, when the company earns a profit, my stocks will also make, and the company will also give dividends.

The digital world made it possible that trading platforms are available online. You can transfer funds online as well as managing your stocks will also be possible online.


2. Bonds

If you purchase a bond, it means you are lending your money to either a company or the government. Then, the government or company will pay you interest on the “loan” over the duration of the bond. Henceforth, bonds typically have lesser risks than stocks. However, the potential for return is lower.

3. Mutual Fund

For all purposes, it is an alternative for individuals who cannot afford and doesn’t have the skills in managing their investment fund. Further, mutual funds are formed when fund manager pool individual investors’ money at smaller amounts that will be for buying different stocks, bonds, or other securities consistent with the fund prospectus.

However, many thought that this thing is intimidating and only for the middle class and upper-level class earners. Thus, If you are one of those, then you are wrong. I am currently putting my money to fund managers in the Philippines.

Recently, I started for only $19 (1,000 PHP), and I add up every monthly salary. However, there are months that I could not put some amount, but that is just fine, the money I put is already growing.

4. Investment-linked product

The investment-linked product is a non-traditional life insurance plan. Further, it is a life insurance policy with an investment component.

Moreover, a portion of the premium put into an investment. It is a policy that provides for life insurance where the account value at any time varies according to the performance of the separate fund chosen by the policy owner.

5. Physical investments

These are physical commodities. Hence, you can purchase a piece of land where the value will increase over time. One of the popular small investment with an excellent return is the purchase of memorial lots.


Do you want to reach the retirement age with nothing in your pocket for you to enjoy your years of hard work? Now, keep in mind and always ask this question- “How can I invest my money?”

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