Best jobs without a college degree in the Philippines

best jobs without a college degree


Are you looking for the best jobs without a college degree?  Or, are you someone that has no college degree but eager to find ways and means for a decent earning?

You could be one of the 5.20% of unemployed people in the Philippines. There is a high rate of underemployment and below minimum wage earners.

The top reason is the absence of a college diploma. Most of the Filipinos still believe college diploma matters in competing when applying for jobs. Indeed, what matters most is your attitude and skills — approach to a commitment to learning and hard work.

The good news is there are thousands of job out in the market and provides promising salary, benefits, and perks. What we are saying about here is the multitude of new posts available in the digital space.

Hence, more industries, firms, and companies are adopting modern technology to cut costs and increase efficiency. Many hybrid professions are rising in every corner that must be seen as a job opportunity. Remember, the jobs that adapt to the evolution of the technologies are not quickly integrating to the curricula in schools.



Best jobs without a college degree that you can venture

Indeed, there are several groups of digital professionals that provides training services to scale-up your skills. Certainly, in the digital world; it’s all about the skills built by good attitude and character with the right mindset.

Social Media Marketing

Almost everyone is using smartphones. Hence, even unemployed individuals have their smartphones. These people are willing to scan and spend all day on Facebook, Link In or Instagram without earning.

What about if you convert that time devoted to social media to make a profit? That can be highly possible if you learn how to do social media marketing.

Concurrently, businesses are using social media to promote their products and services. Facebook alone is an important invention that can influence a potential buyer.

However, you need to learn the process and game plan. Every social media platform has its own rules to avoid spamming. Social media marketing is the perfect start for newbies in the virtual profession.

Look around your town, and many virtual assistants provide training on how to do this skill.

Salary range: P15,000- P20,000


Online tutor

If you have excellent oral communication skill and a bucketful of patience then the tutorial profession will likely be perfect for you. Online tutors provide individual or group instructions.

Furthermore, you must know how to be creative in using whiteboard, papers and art materials. Moreover, you will be responsible for administering tests, post homework assignments, share course material or lecture notes with immense patience.

Salary range: P18,000- P26,000

Content writer (Blogging or e-commerce)

If you love to write in any style, this job is perfect for you. In detail, writing will involve a balance between form and substance. Aside from precision in grammar, vocabulary, and style, the conceptual framework over the content is also necessary. Also, the writing job requires thorough research on industry-related topics.

The job may be intimidating especially to newbies. However, they need not be worried. There are tools like Grammarly that will help you in writing articles and product descriptions.

Salary Range: P16,000- 23,000

In addition, it is important to note that if content writing partnering with a skill on Search Engine Optimization (SEO), the salary will be higher.

Search Engine Optimization specialist

The SEO job is my top and personal choice as the best job that doesn’t need a college diploma. Everyone is becoming dependent on what the digital world can offer.

Conversely, not all entrepreneur and business owners that use online marketing have enough funds. Almost 90% depend on organic search. Meaning, they wanted to be on the first page of the Google search page or Facebook search to catch the attention of the population.

Thus, through Search Engine Optimization (SEO), companies can achieve their goals. Companies will be willing to pay for persons that will do SEO for their websites, articles, and products.

Salary range: P20,000- P40,000

Moreover, if you are a good writer added with the skills on SEO, your salary is way up high.

Graphic Artist

One of the most in-demand job online that has only a small number of practitioners. There is a high demand for reliable and compelling visuals for marketing purposes. Businesses are conscious about branding and perfect illustrations and photos to capture the interest of their target market populace.

There are groups around that teaches necessary skills on photoshop and other online graphic design tools.

Salary range: P20,000- P40,000

Apply for the best jobs without a college degree

Being unemployed is not a problem. The problem is the willingness to get out of the traditional mindset of learning things. Do not be afraid to learn new things. Today, money comes in through knowledge and skills.

The best jobs without a college degree are in the digital world. Digital workspace is the most accessible workplace that you can easily apply. Aside from bringing your laptop, computer or phone, you must invest time and effort to learn the skills.

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