Best Apps For Students To Revitalize Academic Performance

apps for students

Do you know that there are apps for students that make your academic subjects easy to manage?

Life in high school is fun and full of excitement. It is the life stage where we shed our baby skin, and we come to our bodies. Along with the transformation is the rigorous process of learning as we start to transition to the realities of life. Students spend more time in classrooms to cover a different range of subjects. Moreover, performance in academics is giving too much pressure that you can never get away.

In the meantime, the digital world is also going along with the trend in the lives of high school students. Furthermore, most of the parents do not want the fingertips of their kids on the screens of smartphones and tablets because of the belief that everything in the digital world is never helpful for students. The idea is wrong. Indeed, parents must maximize the positive contribution of digital technology to push for academic performance.


Here are the apps for students to perform better in school


apps for students

Scan, Solve and learn

Math can be intimidating, not unless if you have the right support. Take out your frustrations in your Match subject and bring peace in your daily life. Photomath is your support to interpret your math problems from comprehensive arithmetic to calculus to learn the fundamental math concepts.

Smart Calculator

Use the intuitive math keyboard to enter and edit the math problems.


Hence, the graphing features will help you visualize the math problems. The charts can interpret problem solutions through equations.

Chemical touch

apps for students One of the apps for students that will make chemistry class more interactive with chemical touch. Whenever you select an element, you can now get their properties and definitions of nucleobases. Moreover, when you need the depth of explanation, no need to scan another book, but rather click to the link and Wikipedia is ready to answer you.

Perhaps, your impression of ChemicalTouch is it may look simple because you can see the atomic number and atomic mass. But there is much to this Periodic Table. Whenever you tap a particular element and selecting an icon on the left side of the screen will give you essential information about the element. Consequently, there are five categories of information you can get:

  • General properties
  • Isotopes
  • X-ray absorption or emission
  • Ionization energy
  • Reduction potential

Furthermore, colour-coded properties such as density, boiling point, and electronegativity are useful for the student. Also, the app includes data on amino acid and codon table.

Graphing calculator

apps for studentsGraphing calculators are expensive. But you cannot do away with calculus. The graphing calculator, the apps for students that can give a quick plot and trace of multiple equations in the same graph. It can support graphing polar and parametric equations.

It has more options and helps to solve equation problems. Furthermore, the graphing capability of the app can help visualize the most complex equations.



Brain Pop

You can learn by watching movies. Thus, the BrainPop app is a unique innovation that each video has a quiz to test your brain retention. Entertaining and informative animations are globally acceptable and become a learning resource.


A web-based interactive network for posting, editing, reviewing, and critiquing any academic research endeavour. More significantly, it can index and organize research, papers, and PDFs for easy interfacing. The online characteristics of this app can make easy access to the online presence of other researchers and databases of scientific, medical, or technical sites.


Citation is essential in research work. With EasyBib, you can fill the information and generate the appropriate citation.

It is a one-stop-shop app where students can get bibliography creator to handy virtual notecards. It has a chrome extension that students can share papers-in-progress within the platform.

Moreover, it has supporting student portal to coach the students on writing, citation, and topic ideas are making this EasyBib as one of the top apps for students

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