apps for students

Best Apps For Students To Revitalize Academic Performance

Do you know that there are apps for students that make your academic subjects easy to manage? Life in high school is fun and full of excitement. It is the life stage where we shed our baby skin, and we come to our bodies. Along with the transformation is the rigorous process of learning as […]

how to invest my money

How can I invest my money to better prepare for my future?

Have you ever ask yourself this question: How can I invest my money? Lately, I notice that many are becoming interested in putting their hard-earned money to various investment schemes giving promises of return. What is attractive to these investment schemes is that part of the contracts that investors are signing is the statement that […]

strategies to save money

Learn Practical Strategies To Save Money

  Have you ever ask what the effective strategies to save money are? Every year the three first New Year’s resolution, I always hear are to lose weight, quit smoking, and to start saving money. Do you know that the most challenging resolution to do is to save money? Most of the teenagers and young […]

bullies in schools

Bullies in Schools: Bullies are not born, they are raised

  When I was a kid, every day I always worry about the bullies in schools. They are everywhere in all corners of our school. At that time (way back 1989), I don’t even know what you call that kind of kids acting to be like villains. Honestly, I see these kids’ not ordinary kids. […]

Losing your Love Handles

Losing your Love Handles: How to Do It?

Do you know that losing your love handles is one of the biggest life issues that teenagers and young professional are experiencing today? You might be wondering what it has been months since you started doing exercise, but it seems your love handles don’t get smaller. You may feel disappointed that will result in going […]

best jobs without a college degree

Best jobs without a college degree in the Philippines

  Are you looking for the best jobs without a college degree?  Or, are you someone that has no college degree but eager to find ways and means for a decent earning? You could be one of the 5.20% of unemployed people in the Philippines. There is a high rate of underemployment and below minimum […]